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Call for speakers

LOPB sekretariāts @ 1. maijs, 2022

Conference of Latvian Society of Organizational Psychology

Hybridwork: how was it & where it is going?

What are the best practices of hybrid work up to this point? What will hybrid work look like in 2-5 years? 

October 6 & 7 14:00-17:00 , 2022 (Zoom Conference)

Riga, Latvia,

The theme of the conference intends to present the latest research and general understanding of hybrid work, and particularly dive into psychological aspects of new common ways of working.

During pandemics we have received interest in the topic from different organizations and individuals alike. During Covid-19 crisis, a lot of difficult decisions had to be made, and several are yet to be made for organizations to understand how to deal with new conditions. As the new way of working is still evolving it’s especially important to prepare what are the best practices or lessons learned from the professional environment up to this point.

Firstly, at the point where Covid-19 is going through different phases, organizations are adjusting to state regulations at any given point in time. Secondly, after more than 2 years of working in either fully remote or hybrid models, employees and organizations have learned new ways of working in force majeure mode. When health regulations start to normalize, organizations start to rethink what to keep, what to revert to old onsite. Where is the balance, where the modern way of working is evolving to? What are the communication, trust, leadership, culture and career growth aspects when we enter the hybrid way of work as an organization? 

The conference will cover actual topics and principles of hybrid way of working. It aims at helping organizations to create a sufficient environment, and deal and strive in uncertain and changing times to sustain satisfied and productive employees along the way. 

Latvian Society of Organizational Psychology invites you to submit proposals for presentations. Contributions from both scientists and practitioners are very welcome.

Possible topics:

Best practice in hybrid way of working

Remote work evolution

Examples/ consequences of hybridwork

Trust during hybrid work

Communication aspects to keep in mind when working in hybrid

Remote vs onsite vs hybrid way of working

How to work effectively with hybrid or virtual teams?

Career growth challenges while working in hybrid

E-leadership or leadership with different ways of working

Organizational culture in hybrid form, what are the challenges

Relevant topics to hybrid work are very welcome

Submission process

Please send your proposal (a brief description of the topic, some relevant research) to till September 5th, 2022. We will send notification of acceptance no later than September 10th, 2022.

Other important information:

Participation in the conference with the presentation is free of charge and is expected to be on the Zoom platform. The working languages will be English and Latvian.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our conference on October 6 & 7, 2022!