About LSOP

Latvian Society for Organizational Psychology unites professionals of the field – people who have a full education in organizational psychology and are experienced professionals in the field.

What does an organizational psychologist do? Organizational psychologist unlike psychologists in other areas consults organizations instead of individuals. That is, the aim of an organizational psychologist is to to seek and find ways how to build close to perfect cooperation between employees and departments within the organization, how to organize candidate recruitment process using the best possible methods, to enhance the professional development of employees, to develop an optimal working environment, as well as to deal with other related issues. The responsibility of a professional organizational psychologist is to be aware of the latest research findings in organizational psychology and to be able to employ them for improving the performance of companies and public institutions.

Latvian Society for Organizational Psychology offers regular workshops, conferences and news for its members and other people on a regular basis.

LSOP was established in 2000 and currently unites 55 members. LSOP is also a full member of Union of Latvian Psychologists (ULP) and European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP).

Contacts: lopb@lopb.lv