Jakob Andren, Assessio, Sweden - Perspectives on decision making in recruitment: a new ISO standard for assessment services

Topics covered:

- New world standard for making personnel assessment decisions (ISO 10667)

 - Description of the standard, common problems in decision making, and an example of implementation of the standard


Lecturer: I/O Psychologist Jakob Andren, Vice President Assessio Solutions.

Jakob is an industrial and organizational psychologist with 10 years of experience in using, implementing and evaluating psychological tests and processes for assessment and selection of employees. He has worked for four years at Assessio, a Swedish test publishing house and consultancy organization, which was founded in 1954. Jakob's interests include innovations in testing, to improve selection processes and to link and integrate recruitment strategies into the overall business objectives of the client organization.




Norises vieta: Swedbank centrālā ēka, Rīga, Balasta dambis 1a
Norises laiks: 10.11.2011, 18:00 - 19:30
Brīvo vietu skaits: 12

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